End of Year Trout in the Classroom Letter – Shea Middle School

Just wanted to thank you all for the chance to have TIC in my classroom.  We had a super experience and the kids got so much from the entire educational endeavor.  I have plans next year to expand TIC into a school wide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) project across the entire curriculum.

They not only learned fisheries science, ecology, water chemistry, genetics, and animal care, they also received an education in “thinking like a sportsman/woman”.  I took our 20 frozen fish to Adobe Wildlife and the kids understood and were okay with the fact that they would be helping another animal at the Rehab. Center.
I also enjoyed being able to present at the the 7th Annual Trout conference and sharing what we did with all the attendees.  I would also be available to present and help with the training of the new teachers when the expanded TIC program begins in the fall.

We did finish up the year with a field trip to Tonto Creek Hatchery where Trevor Nelson gave them an excellent tour.  We then went to the Tonto Creek Outdoor Education Center across the road where they ate lunch and took a Field and Stream Ecology Class and did an Ecology Hike.  A great ending to our program and if funding is available we hope to be able to do this trip again next year.

Attached is the write up that went into our Shea Middle School online newsletter and the Paradise Valley School District online newsletter.  I have also attached the end of year TIC forms.

Again thanks so much for helping me bring this wonderful program into my classroom and I look forward to continuing this next year.

Mrs. Angela Mitchell, M.N.S.
7th & 8th grade Honors Science / Dept. Chair
Shea Middle School

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