Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC)

arizonasportsmenforwildlifeconservation180x150 (1)The Council and Chapters of Trout Unlimited in Arizona are active members of the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC) which is an umbrella organization that serves wildlife conservation and sportsmen’s organizations throughout the state of Arizona. The membership involves 25 organizations which are diverse yet focused on all things important to wildlife, its habitat and to furthering our hunting and angling heritage for future generations. 

AZSFWC keeps its members abreast of the most recent news affecting wildlife and sportsmen so members are educated on issues of importance through “The    Sportsmen’s Connection” newsletter which is sent to nearly 25,000 sportsmen statewide. 

A very beneficial program which the AZSFWC established is the Wildlife Conservation Habitat Fund.  When an order is placed for an Arizona Wildlife Conservation license plate, $17 of each $25 special license will go to help fund projects that provide specific “on-the-ground” benefits to Arizona’s diverse wildlife, conservation  education as well as angler and hunter recruitment and retention activities.  Information on obtaining a license plate can be found at

Organizations can apply for grants from the special license plate program at  

The Arizona TU Council and Arizona TU Chapters have received numerous grants which has provided enormous support for conducting Annual Native and Wild Trout Conferences ( and Trout-In-the-Classroom Programs (