AZGFD Cast N’ Blast (February 2016)

cast-blast-300Jorge Canaca of AZGFD is finalizing details for a “Cast & Blast” event for Monday February 29th from 4:00 – 7:0p.m.

Jorge has indicated that he and Tony Guiles (Legislative Director) expect the Biscuit Tank to be arrival location and the BBQ dinner facility.   Also, he has the logos of the four organizations which will be added to his draft 2016 flyer (see attachment) as was done in 2015 (see attachment).

A total of 12 volunteers (collectively from Arizona Flycasters, Desert Fly Casters, Trout Unlimited and White Mountain Lakes Foundation)is being organized to conduct the “Cast” portion of the event.    Since many of the volunteers wear the hat of each of these organizations it is expected to not be a problem to have each organization represented.   As done at prior events, AFC has provided the fishing rods for the attendees and the volunteers bring their selection of flies for the event.   In addition to getting a free BBQ dinner and to meet some of the elected officials, IF there is a low turnout (as has been in the past) the volunteers can personally fish at Biscuit Tank.

Volunteers will meet at 4:00pm at the Biscuit Tank which is located near the AZGFD headquarters at 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix and the Ben Avery Target Center (see attached map).  The fly casting and fishing session is expected to last until 6:00p.m.   Additional volunteer information will be sent over the coming weekend.  Any materials for the legislator’s packets promoting each organization or programs are being provided and coordinated by John Doss (AFC), Joe Miller (DFC), Glen Knight (WMLF), and Jim Walker (TU).

All volunteers are invited to stay and attend the BBQ with the legislators and AZGFD staff. This is a great opportunity to spend quality time to talk with the legislators and the AZGFD staff about our organizations, water, fishing and conservation issues.

Please let Ben Alteneder and I know by Tuesday at 5p.m. if you would be able to volunteer.

This will be the third year that conservation organizations are involved in this annual event with the AZGFD Community & Congressional Relations staff for legislative friends at the State Capitol.  The “Arizona Legislators for Wildlife” caucus will be in attendance and will be recruiting legislators to join the caucus.  This bi-partisan caucus serves as a medium for sportsmen and conservation groups to engage legislators who have an interest in fishing, hunting, wildlife watching and outdoor recreation.  Attendance at the event will include about 30+ legislators and their staff.  It is expected 15 legislative guests will want to experience an opportunity to be taught fly casting and a chance to fish with representatives of Arizona Flycasters, Desert Fly Casters, Trout Unlimited and White Mountain Lakes Foundation.

We will provide volunteers updated details as they are received.

Don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.


Jim Walker