In Memorium

This portion of the website is devoted to honoring those past chapter members, officers and directors who have made significant contributions to fulfilling the mission of Trout Unlimited in Arizona. We thank them for their efforts and hope to honor their memories in this way.

This portion is meant to be a work in progress, and appropriate input is encouraged. Anyone with additions or corrections may submit them to a Board member to be considered for inclusion here.

( – 2009)

DaveCohenDave was an active member and officer of the local Federation of Fly Fishermen chapter, the Arizona Flycasters. He was extremely interested in environmental and conservation issues, and eventually became an active member of Trout Unlimited.

After his retirement from the business world, Dave worked full-time (or more), for many environmental and conservation groups, including Trout Unlimited and the Arizona Wildlife Federation. We recall particularly his countless hours spent in the fights over the operation of Glen Canyon Dam, on behalf of the Lee’s Ferry trout fishery and many competing interests. Along with many others, his efforts contributed eventually to the passage of the Grand Canyon Protection Act. Dave was appropriately appointed to the Adaptive Management Work Group, a coalition of representatives from various interested parties, which continued oversight and input into the operation of the Dam. In 2001, Dave was honored by the Arizona Game & Fish Department as its Conservationist of the Year. In 2004, Dave was inducted into the Arizona Outdoor Hall of Fame by the Arizona Game & Fish Department in honor of his significant contributions to Arizona’s wildlife, the welfare of its natural resources, and the state’s outdoor heritage.He continued his dedicated service until his death.

We thank you, Dave, for your dedication and sacrifice.

( – 2008)

craig_hCraig became involved with Trout Unlimited in the 1980s and was active until his death. He was a Board member, Annual Banquet Chairman, President and Treasurer of the Zane Grey Chapter. He personally handcrafted many of the auction and raffle items used for fundraising at our Banquets.

He was one of the founders of the state Council in 1989, and served as its Treasurer until 2003. He also edited and distributed the quarterly state Council newsletter for many years. He represented TU as an original member and first President of the Environmental Fund for Arizona, an organization through which workplace funds are channeled to environmental groups such as Trout Unlimited. His efforts at the EFA have led to a regular source of funding for TU.

Craig was noteworthy for his reliability in attendance at all TU meetings and functions. He spent countless hours, and personal funds, on behalf of TU.

We thank you, Craig, for your dedication and sacrifice.


George was an original member of the Arizona Flycasters, a local Federation of Fly Fishermen chapter. He then became an original member of the group that he, as an attorney, eventually incorporated as the Zane Grey Chapter of Trout Unlimited in 1987. The chapter had functioned informally for several years before its incorporation. Eventually, the regular meeting place for the Zane Grey Board of Directors became George’s law office conference room.

George served for many years as a Board member, and as President. He also participated in the first chapter annual Banquet, providing fresh salmon by air shipment from his native American tribal contacts in the State of Washington. George was a fixture and a steadfast member of the Board, whose wise legal and practical counsel kept us on the proper course for many years.

We thank you, George, for your dedication and sacrifice.