Mt Graham Update

Thank you all for your concern regarding the Mount Graham trout populations. We were able to conduct surveys of Frye and Ash creeks this week. Unfortunately we did not find Gila Trout in either stream. We did not survey Grant Creek, but did look at it from the road and anticipate the fishery was lost as well. We also looked at upper Marijilda Creek and it appears to be the least impacted of the four streams.

The Commission issued an emergency closure for Frye Creek last week and we will be putting out a press release soon. We will also be modifying the Wild Trout Challenge to remove the Gila Trout until we have a wild population that can be opened to fishing.

The pools on Frye are filled in with sediment. Ash Creek was severely impacted and doesn’t have a stable channel for most of the upper section. I am out of the office today and will share pictures with you next week.

We hope to assess Marijilda this fall and plan to conduct habitat surveys on Frye and Ash creeks next year to monitor conditions. We installed temperatures loggers in Frye but could not find suitable locations in Ash.

We have not been able to access Grapevine Creek yet, which was impacted by the Goodwin Fire. We plan to survey the creek within the next month, as soon as the Forest Service allows access.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support of the Native Trout Program. I know you invested a lot of time and energy in these streams. We’re working to prioritize future projects and I look forward to working with you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a good weekend,
Tracy, AZGFD Native Trout & Chub Coordinator